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So, regardless of how strange the name is, generally the name they go by is their real name. However theres a term for the characters in a play, dramatis person. Camp green lake characters caveman stanley yelnats iv a teenage white overweight average weight in the movie boy who was falsely accused of stealing clyde livingstons shoes which got him sent to camp green lake. Finding fictional character names that suit characters personalities or carry apt connotations is rewarding, though. One absorbing character is iconic, three is brilliant, five could leave room for nothing else. What are the names and nicknames of the characters in the. For the truely obcessed, you could do character first names only, last names only, or do two lists. This is of course only true if the translator translated it accurately, as japanese names are chosen b. The name of this book is a secret by pseudonymous bosch. Are they standard, common names, or more obviously invented. Movies quiz fictional real names random movies quiz can you name the real names of the following fictional characters. What are the nicknames and real names of the characters. Nov 04, 2015 how 7 fictional book characters got their names. This worksheet is adaptable to suit your specific needs in the classroom.

Stanley yelnats is the main character in the novel. Pages in category lists of comics characters the following 44 pages are in this category, out of 44 total. Stanley yelnats caveman is the main character of holes. At the very least, knowing how to create a character is as important as plotting a novel. Nov 06, 2008 while im casting about for the perfect names for main characters, i made a list of names i like for the story world, but that arent quite right for the mc. Join a live hosted trivia game for your favorite pub trivia experience done virtually. A handson introduction to bringing your characters to life. Characters extras mia hall a spirited, kind, and musically gifted 20 yearold who is strong and independent. This reference for writers provides meanings for some 25,000 names and surnames from 45 countries, listed by origin. The creators of sparknotes holes characters from litcharts. He is the latest in a line of family members who are goodhearted and wellmeaning, but. Can you name the real names of the following fictional characters. Dec 17, 20 names of book characters always match the personality of your character.

Dont give similar characters names that begin similarly to avoid confusion. As with any powerful device, its important to control your use of characters. Holes is a 1998 young adult novel written by louis sachar and first published by farrar, straus and giroux. He names stanley caveman, and also arranges the line for queuing up for water. However when the parts come together, holes turns into a puzzle, or mystery book.

Usually one of the names on the list stands out as the right one. Characters are the heart of a story, the engine that drives them and the feature which sticks longest in the readers mind. How to be productive at home from a remote work veteran. X also known as grant haskill ndare munroe amalgam comics ngon. An explanation of naming practices and historical context is provided for each origin section, and there is a reverse lookup of names by meaning, as well as an alphabetical index of names. In the book holes what were the characters real names. Weilands eletter and receive her free ebook crafting unforgettable characters. Most of the characters in holes have more than one name. Characters in search of a novel kindle edition by campbell, molly d. It complained that the book had too many named characters. She loves her family and friends, but is strong enough to leave them behind and move across the country in order to move on with her life. To find names fitting your genre, rifle through some of your favourite novels and look at the names authors give.

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional books. Kate barlow kate barlow is the schoolteacherturnedoutlaw who robbed stanleys great grandfather. In the book holes, twitchs real name is brian hope i helped. Mar 22, 2012 in the book holes, all the boys at camp green lake have nicknames. The warden is a quiet yet powerful leader, whose snakelike qualities are. In the book, he was called trout because his feet smelled like fish. Without a pageturning plot, your readers will soon be well, not turning the pages. The book centers on an unlucky teenage boy named stanley yelnats, who is sent to camp green lake, a juvenile corrections facility in a desert in texas, after being falsely accused of theft. This activity was created by a quia web subscriber. But before you can name your characters, you must know them inside and out. Naming characters for a novel or short story is sometimes tricky. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. She lived on green lake one hundred and ten years ago, when there was still water in it.

Take fifteen minutes to riff on that list, creating 20 new names from whats on your page. Thats why you should think long and hard over them. Boy and girl names for the lead, side characters like friends or siblings, person of authority like government or leader and parents, the name of a city or place where they live, i would like them to be really creative because the setting is in the future. Free holes character map worksheet by storyboard that tpt. Photo of holes character posters for fans of holes 19287297.

Which names are used, when, and by whom, can give us some pretty important inside info about a character s personality or attitudes, as well as their place in the hierarchy of the camp. Dec 18, 2010 its up to you if you want to use only mysteries or mix it up. Play sporcle s virtual live trivia to have fun, connect with people, and get your trivia on. If you still have access to a phone book check your grandmothers house, let your fingers do the walking until you find a few names that sound just right for your characters. When the book starts, he is overweight and passive. He is an overweight boy who does not have any friends from school and is often picked on by his classmates and the school bully, derrick dunne. For example, 90% of your characters will be the everyday lawyer, doctor, teacher type. Then, when i have a new character to introduce, i pick the best one from the list to fit the personality. Phillip pullman says early on in the book that she is a good lier and this is because she has little imagination. What types of conflict are present in louis sachars holes. Holes character posters holes photo 19287297 fanpop. If shown, the year indicates when the book was first published. Top 10 tips for getting started with prezi video in your online classroom.

May 28, 2015 manga characters have names chosen by the author. Have students track various character traits, important quotes, and more while reading. You want your readers to remember your characters names long after theyve finished reading the book. Contentsshow holes character list a list of all the characters in holes. To build your own cast list, start with a group of names, like from your email address book, a church directory, or the board of directors at your current school or alma mater. The trouble with referring to characters by their titles, rather than their names, is that it kills the realism of a deep pov. Indeed, we do not see her for several chapters, although she is mentioned on the first page and her authoritative presence looms over camp green lake. Nicknames, significance and feelings sample reading. Besides the title, the characters names are also symbolic. Obviously, the main characters, the sidekicks, the bad guys, etc. Hector zeroni, aka zero, was given his nickname by mr. So, how does one know when to identify a person by name. Remember, dont choose names that start with the same letter. Along with squid is one of xrays closest companions, pushes stanley to the floor when he forgets to call him by his nickname.

If you still need help then but a description of their personality on yahoo answers. While intelligent and kind by nature, the murder of her beloved sam turns kate into a violent outlaw who lives on the wrong side of the law. Test your knowledge on this movies quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Holes character nicknames holes by louis sachar book group. What is a list of the characters in a nonfiction book called. Warden gets angry at him when the boys do not dig up what she is looking for. According to most of the characters in the book, zero is a big fat zero. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. In literary fiction and theatre, we often find names that give clues to a characters personality or fate for example, the masculine jo march in little women. What are the nicknames and real names of the characters from holes.

Holes characters from holes slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You can follow any responses to this entry through the rss 2. Some names given are fitting to the characters describing their personalities or characteristics while others can be negative and label them in a way which can scar a person permanently. These include novels, short stories, graphic novels and comic books. The more you think about the actual characters lives, the easier the names will come to you. Here are the prominent characters in the book, holes. Thanks, edward, for inviting me to repost this here.

Creating characters is arguably the singlemost important part of novel writing. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading characters in search of a novel. Stanley is the downtrodden kid who gets kicked around by just about everyone and everything. Ive been thinking a lot these past several months about my next fulllength project, which is a novel without characters. Few new testament characters are as fascinating as simon barjona, the man called petera reluctant. Mar 01, 2015 readers have already been introduced to all these characters and their relationships to sienna. She is a mysterious and shady character during the first half of the book. If a virtual private party is more your thing, go here for details. Like, i know you said none of the characters in these stories have names, but if you had two or three main characters with names, and then you mention they go to a store and the clerk did this or that and then the manager said this, readers would probably take this as routine. Characters in search of a novel kindle edition by campbell.

Henry arthur ezra protagonist fave 2 dexter jerk fave 2 gideon holden callum jude oliver edmund theodore simon peter nolan fave protagonist 1 william hugo sebastian everett alastair declan jerk fave 1 simon dashiell theodore george jasper henry felix august jude silas girl names. In mystery stories, 90% of the characters have typical, everyday characteristics behind them. Analysis of the main characters, major plot points, and themes. The main character of the book is called stanley yelnats and has always had bad. John jeremiah johnston, the real jeremiah johnson, photographed in 1864 in union army born with the last name of garrison near little york in hunterdon county, new jersey, july 1, 1824 sailor, soldier in the colorado calvary, scout, hunter, guide, and whiskey peddler. From any murder, she wrote book, the main character is jessica fletcher. According to most of the characters in the book, zero is a. See more ideas about books, my books and good books. Use this great character map worksheet to engage your students in the classroom. Zero hector zeroni stanleys best friend, who was the real culprit in stealing clyde livingstons. However, this does not stay true for the whole novel, since eventually. Hes smart and flawed and a little sarcastic, which i love. It made me wonder, does it really matter whether you decide to name a person in a manuscript. His real name is hector zeroni, which connects him with the old gypsy, who.

His real name is brian and he was arrested for stealing a car. What are all of the the holes book characters real names. While im casting about for the perfect names for main characters, i made a list of names i like for the story world, but that arent quite right for the mc. In the book holes, all the boys at camp green lake have nicknames. Lewis was sent to camp green lake after getting caught breaking into a museum and robbing its jewels. But i do not believe she is unique enough for this list. Get an answer for what types of conflict are present in louis sachars holes. The characters are referred to throughout the long book as the doctors wife, the girl with the dark glasses, the man with the black eyepatch, etc. Those characters will also have everyday backgrounds. Armpit armpit is one of the boys at camp green lake whose real name is. Characters stanley yelnats stanley is the protagonist of holes, although he is an unlikely hero.

Many of the characters also have names that connect them to their family history, like the passing down of stanley yelnats and zeros last. Im writing a short story and wanted to get some names for characters. A boy dose not despise real forest because he has read about enchanted ones, the reading makes all real forest a little enchanted. Get to know the character first before you name him or her. Raymond reyes zaim naeblis eru shd w richard rought searph songangel. The other characters seemed to be hiding behind the roles created by. Im in a brainstorming space right now, so the cants and impossibles are while welcome maybe unintentionally discouragingdamaging. For example, lyra silvertongue from the golden compass is one of my favorite characters of all time. Leeanne high elf enchantress breeanne igh elf cleric all my characters were in sisterhood and in castaways and 1 or 2 others for a little time stephanie coffey charysma high elf enchanter, mayple seerup wood elf druid, niana erudite.

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